Full Skull Series to Date

Left: Cardinal, Right: Sparrow

I'm planning on updating my Behance page soon, as well as possibly list these originals on Etsy, but here's a sneak peek at all of the skull pen and ink illustrations I've been working on in my personal time. 

Left: Beaver, Right: Tusked Mouse

Dik Dik Skull

Top Left: Pheasant, Top Right: Finch, Middle Left: Hawk, Middle Right: Duck, Stacked Top: Ibis, Bottom: Heron

Crow with watercolors

Some sort of heron skeleton with hypericum berries, evergreen branch, and greens

I'm planning on playing around a lot with potential watercolor and composition. The golds are super fun to do but do not scan or reproduce well, so those will have to remain originals unless I can get my hands on some sort of press or screenprinting gear.