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Inspired by class-specific armor, the Destiny leggings utilized iconic shapes and colors, allowing the wearer to represent their favorite class (Titan, Warlock, Hunter) without looking like a direct model from in-game. Legging artwork based on (from left to right): Freeholder's Memory, Starfire Protocol, and Legend of Six Coyotes. All three designs are currently available for sale on the Bungie online store.


destiny enamel pins and packaging

Hard enamel pin and packaging designs for Bungie, utilizing iconic weapons, branding, and iconography from the hit video game, Destiny.


destiny journals

Designs include exterior covers, paper wrap, and select interior flavor pages. Can be found on the official Bungie merchandise store (while supplies last) and at Barns & Noble. (Left: Rise of Iron sketchbook, Right: Destiny Guardian's Journal.)


Arenanet live stream logos

Following the pre-established look of the "Points of Interest" live stream branding, I created three new logos for ArenaNet: Guild Chat, Community Showcase Live, and On Point. 

In addition to the main On Point logo, I also provided a full streaming kit, including lower thirds, video playback screen, and guest/host video cutouts.


guild wars 2: heart of thorns print

Designs for various final packaging, in-store point of purchase signage, as well as multiple convention booth graphics, created for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion. These were all created using the Heart of Thorns key art and style guide, formatted in various ways specific to each retailer. 

Designs included: Final Disk and paper insert(s), GameStop display signage, EB Games display signage, booth graphics for Gamescom 2015, and booth graphics for Twitchcon 2015. Not pictured are numerous assets created for the World Tournament Series 2015 and Pro League 2015/2016 assets.


league of legends mini figures and packaging

Worked to create a unique box design that was clearly still within the League of Legends branding universe, by utilizing shape language, logo, font, and color palette. The goal was to stand apart from the main IP as a fun offshoot product, but still nodding to the origins. A soft, subtle role icon pattern creates a texture in the black space, with the champion’s established splash art bleeding from the top of box down to behind the miniature champion illustration. Gold foil embossing on the front, sides, and back of box. The numbering system was suggested as a means of encouraging collectibility and promising to continue the series to players.


League of Legends Ziggs Statue

The Ziggs Statue is the first high-end collectible product in the Riot Games Merchandise store and the packaging needed to reflect that. The packaging reflects the quality and sophistication of a top-tier product, while still revealing something a little more manic under the hood. Clear spot varnish and red metallic ink on the outer matte sleeve, spot metallic red ink on red matte box for the main container. 


Riot Games Apparel

Various apparel designs made for Riot Games' online merchandise store. Some designs made from scratch, others derived from icons designs, key art, or other internal artists.


BioShock Infinite Logos

Though easily recognizable, the original BioShock Infinite logo did not reduce easily and had a muddied read on a mocked front of box (or anything smaller). Wanting to keep the concept and integrity the same, I adjusted the brightness, contrast, and cleanliness of the logo, giving it a bath, for the final print and web campaign.

BioShock Infinite Premium Edition

Design for the physical BioShock Infinite Premium Edition Packaging, a middle tier option for fans who wanted to purchase the game with additional collectibles. This edition did not contain the Songbird figurine, but did encompass the lithograph envelope, the Handyman box, the Murder of Crows keychain bag, the various platform paper inserts, the miniature Art of BioShock Infinite book, and the blue box exterior with open-book presentation on the back.

Bioshock Infinite Lutece figures

Packaging design for the incredibly popular BioShock Infinite Lutece twins Figurines. The overall concept of the box was to mimic in-game gear packages, which were a high-polish copper with vintage baby blue fabric accents. Cameos were created from high render screenshots, and the Lutece logo was used for the "Lutece Laboratory" signage in BioShock Infinite.

bioshock infinite elizabeth noir

Packaging design for the BioShock Infinite Elizabeth Noir Figurine, based on her Burial At Sea DLC appearance. The majority of the decorative assets for this box were pulled from in-game wallpaper and border treatments, created by the extremely talented development artists. The goal was to not only sell the concept of a femme fatal in mood and color, but to also set the stage for that uneasy dissent into decay and madness that is Rapture.

BioShock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition

The Ultimate Songbird Edition was a relatively blank canvas, in need of structural design as well as an overall theme. Based on several examples, I proposed the structure and design of the entire packaging, which included the outer blue box packaging (not pictured), the Songbird packaging (above), the Handyman Figurine box, the Murder of Crows key chain box, the various platform-specific inserts, the Lithograph envelope, and provided support/feedback on the final execution of the Mini Art Book cover.

Bioshock infinite vigor bottles

The vigor bottles were the first high-tier collectible product in the Irrational Games store, beginning with the extremely limited Murder of Crows. Utilizing in-game slogans and icon designs, the Vigor Bottle Packages were created to evoke vintage containers from the early 1900s, each box referencing a different type of spirit.