The Feral Constellations are based off of a life-long love of anatomy illustrations and bone collections. I have a personal collection of over 20 skulls, antlers, horns, teeth, and misc bones (all ethically sourced) that I love to draw from, and only recently did I begin to think past ink and watercolors to more unexpected painting techniques.

The constellations are all 100% hand-painted in gold metallic enamel-based paint on basic black cotton (or cotton poly) fabric. There is a variant line of white fabric. Additional details, like small stars and constellations, are added in on top of the painted images. They are "mounted" by stretching across walnut-stained bamboo embroidery hoops for easy hanging. 




The majority of pieces are sold in PNW retailers in and around the Seattle area. However, special orders or customized pieces can be made on demand and sold online. Each individual location can make selections to properly customize to their unique aesthetic.

Ballyhoo: Ballard | Here you'll find more work focused on traditional constellations, as well as tote bags.

ROVE: Capitol Hill, Seattle | Several small and medium pieces.

Virago Gallery: West Seattle | Houses more larger and XL pieces. 

Interested in carrying the Feral Constellations? Reach out with an email to: info@designbyzoe.com and let me know what kinds of product you're interested in selling. 


Craving some high quality leg wear? Bombsheller is a local PNW company that specializes in print-on-demand leggings in sizes ranging from X2-6XL.

Visit the official Bombsheller website to place orders for patterns created by Zoe.