The Feral Constellations are based off of a life-long love of anatomy illustrations and bone collections. I have a personal collection of over 30 skulls, antlers, horns, teeth, and misc bones (all ethically sourced) that I love to draw from. With the exception of shirts and totes, the constellations are all 100% hand-painted and hand-embroidered.

The Constellations are also growing into a Collective, with designs stretching into enamel pins, apparel, totes, temporary tattoos, and paper goods. 

In the Pacific Northwest? Stop by the RetroFit Home ‘Hundred and Under’ artist showcase, opening Thursday, Dec 13th and running through Feb 10th.



Ballyhoo: Ballard

Georgetown Trailer Park Mall: Georgetown, WA

RetroFit Home: Capitol Hill, Seattle

ROVE: Capitol Hill, Seattle

Virago Gallery: West Seattle

Interested in carrying the Feral Constellations? Reach out with an email to: info@designbyzoe.com and let me know what kinds of product you're interested in selling.